ON SALE. Special Version – Fish House Only Right Side Or Tongue Hitch , 2 Speed Includes 6" Handle 2 Way Brake Ratchet Cog

$135.00 $125.00

  • 2-speed hand/manual/pulling/ratchet winch for horizontal pulling applications
  • 2,500 lb. capacity
  • 6" Quick-Attach handle with ergonomic handle grip
  • Zinc plated Tuff Plate finish for additional rust resistance and longer life
  • Patented reversible ratchet allows cranking of cable or strap onto winch drum in either direction
  • Dual drive shaft system allows Quick-Attach handle to easily change from high speed to low gear cranking from one side, requiring less effort for heavier loads
  • Special version #15431used on ice fishing houses
  • Right-hand drive
  • Includes clamp kit  to install cable onto winch drum]
  • Only built for fish house factory's or Fish House Winch Dealers.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Factory fish house winch found on Ice Castle ,Polar Crib, Glacier, Yetti, Stampede, Can be used on 6.5 ft model fish houses or other brands Forest River models, Lodge , Home-built, Works with our cordless drill tool kits. Single Axle Or Tandem Axle