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THE SIDE AXLE KIT The best tool for lifting Ice Castle & Rv Edtion ,Yetti ,Glacier,or Home-built Fish houses. ZINC PLATED install on 2 side winch's Lifetime Nut Warranty


For use on the following factory built fish houses mostly 2014 and newer for Ice Castle 8x16 or larger fish houses including tandem axle you may have the same winch on previous model years. Your winch must be a 2 speed winch and the handle needs to be a quick release handle (meaning no nut attaching winch handle to the winch) The winch handle shown below has a spring in the end of it so the user can press down on it to remove the winch handle so a drill can be used ) See photo below of how your winch should look to use this tool our tool kit only works with these factory brand fish houses no other winch's.  You can buy winch's from us for home-bulit fish houses or to use with all 6.5ft models as well as lodge or forest river models for more information on winch's see our winch kits or winch's in the drop down menu on our website . 

ICnuts (nut) are made here in Minnesota we wanted to make a very high quality system to raise fish houses we believe in  manufacturing high quality components so our customers will get many years out of there tool kits. Using a tool that is improperly machined or is made out of cheap quality materials can cause damage to your winch.

The ICnuts system reduces vibration thru the winch it also protects the winch shaft from getting damaged to the outer winch shaft so handles do not fall off on the highway other bits on the market have caused damage because of improper machining and or poor quality materials or poor manufacturing and vibration cheap is not always best.

With this system there is no need to modify your fish house by putting on electric winch's that eventually fail from sun and rain or trapped moisture there is no wires no corrosion using a dry drill with a good lithium ion battery is the way to go in the event you forgot your drill at home you can still use the factory winch and continue your weekend time is valuable we only offer high quality components so you can enjoy your time out on the Ice or camping hunting etc this system will make your life easier.
Our kit contains 
2 ICnuts winch adapter tools(nut) for your side winch's (Lifetime breakage warranty ) Grade 50 steel zinc coated to help prevent rust.
1 industrial drill to socket adapter for 1/2 drills cordless drills.
2 zinc retainers.
1 socket  

Here is how they work the user will install the ICnuts on the low speed winch shaft as shown in photo below . When you lower your fish house you will lower it using the handle on the high speed winch shaft this is the safest way do not use a drill to lower the house drills are not meant to hold a load in reverse. Ok its time to raise your house up pop quick release handle off the winch use a drill in low gear set winch in the proper direction for lifting start slow with drill apply a light trigger until you know its lifting correctly then apply more trigger to power lift the fish house faster.
We recommend 18 volt and up cordless drills with lithium ion batteries we have seen lower voltage drills work remember it does not take much effort to turn the low speed shaft your cables and pulleys carry most of the weight and also any drill is more powerful then most of us .

This item will ship priority mail it will arrive in 1 to 3 business days most of the time its 1 to 2 days we ship orders very fast.
If you have further questions feel free to call us thanks . 
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