THE SIDE AXLE KIT The best tool for lifting Ice Castle & Rv Edtion ,Yetti ,Glacier,or Home-built Fish houses. ZINC PLATED install on 2 side winch's Lifetime Nut Warranty


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The IC NUTS Mega Kit is designed to be used with the heavy duty winches on 8x16' or larger Ice Castle Yetti Glacier Fish Houses and Home-Built Ice Shacks.

The ICNUTS Mega Kit includes everything you need to convert your hand crank winch system to a crank with a drill system.

To use, remove the stock winch handles and install the I C NUTS to the low gear on the winches and let your drill do the work!

Please see winch photos below to confirm you have the proper winch before ordering as you can see below the winches have removable quick release handle.

This product protects the end of the winch shaft from getting damaged other bits on the market have caused damaged to the winch shafts and also caused vibration thru the winch because of improper machining loose fitment which have caused handles to fall off on the highway. We use a true self centering system to re-duse vibration in the winch.

To use ICNUTS tool kit the user will install the winch adapter (nut) and snap ring to the low speed shaft on the winch upper shaft as seen in photo below. The fish house should be lowered by using the handle on the high speed shaft then the user will remove the quick release handle to be able to use a drill to lift the fish house. Here is a tip just leave one handle on the fish house and put the other inside the fish house so they are out of the way. The fish house must be lowered by using the handles otherwise you will cause damage to the winch. 1/2 18 volt 20 volt  cordless drill with lithium ion batteries is recommended do not use hammer mode on your drill also do not use impacts on your winch this will cause chatter in the winch eventually causing damage to the winch gears. If you have any questions about using this product feel free to give us a call we have 5 years of experience to help you with any questions you may have. The ICNUT has a lifetime warranty for breakage . Always read instructions provided with your winch and the instructions we provide with our tool kit before use.

The Side Axle Kit Contains two winch adapters and snap rings and also the industrial solid steel drill to socket adapter and a socket lifetime ICnut breakage warranty.

We do not ship this item outside of the USA


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