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Team Lodge Stainless Cable Kit 3 Cable Kit Single Axle Factory Style Loops Go Thru 1/2 Pins In Frame And Bolt Under Front Hitch. Works With Atv Winch Houses. As well As Crank Winch Houses.


3 Cable Kit 304 stainless steel high flex cable with factory style eyes to fit around 1/2 diameter pins.

Works with Hand Winch House's (Or Will work With Atv winch Houses with a little modification to your atv drum that has 3/16 china cheap quality non stainless cable on them. Our cable is a very high quality high flex 1/4 cable so a bigger hole will have to be drilled in your winch drum to switch to 1/4 all pulleys outside the house are set up for 1/4 cable. The factory installed your atv winch that had cheap Chinese cable all ready on the winch it is not meant to hold the weight of your fish house or be used in any road salt etc this is a easy fix.