We recommend any good quality 1/2 drive cordless drills there are so many 18 volt to 20 volt lithium ion drills on the market. We do not want you using hammer mode or any impacts or electric drills with a generator.  Get a cordless drill with a light and a safety handle for two hand operation on the drill . Use low gear or 1st gear when operating the drill. If you want to call us and talk further about drills we will let you know more information on drills we have used for different applications. In 2014 we started this and we only had 12 volt and 14 volt drills mostly on the market and ni-cad battery's when 18 volt and 20 volt drills came out with brushless motors we rarely get any concerns about drills not lifting a fish house.

2022-23 season here is an update on some newer model drills that will work with ice augers meaning the most powerful drills on the market if you are considering buying a cordless drill auger for ice fishing and lifting your fish house . Most 20 volt-18 volt drills will work with Icnuts but if you want to use an ice auger please consider some new models below.

You can use any cordless drill brand you choose, as long as it meets or exceeds the following minimum requirements:

  • Side Stabilizer Arm (for a secure two-handed grip)
  • 1/2” Drill Chuck
  • 18 Volt/4 Amp Lithium Ion Battery (or higher)
  • Brushless Motor Design
  • 500-750 RPM with a minimum of 725 in/lbs or 820 UWO of torque

These drills are officially approved for ICNUTS